Sexually Transmitted Disease

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Play It Safe

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coitus is better when you do not have to worry about sexually transmitted conditions( STDs). Unsafe coitus can put you or your mate at threat for STDs. cover yourself and your mate. also you can relax and feel close. still, be sure to carry condoms( rubbers), If you decide to have coitus. ” I feel like, if a man will not use a condom, he does not watch about the person he is with. HIV and other conditions are out there. You have to take care of each other.” — Roy, age 36 It Can Be To You still, you can get it, too, If you have coitus with someone who has an STD. About 1 in 4 people in this country has an STD. The further people you have coitus with, the lesser the chance that you’ll get an STD. ” A many times ago I got gonorrhea. It made me feel dirty outside. My tubes got infected, and I had a terrible pain in my belly. I swore I’d noway let that be to me again. Since also, I use condoms every time. No defenses!” — Robena, age 28 utmost People Do not Know Indeed someone you love can have an STD. Millions of people have STDs– indeed people who are kind, sexy, and loving. utmost of them don’t know they’ve a complaint. But they can still give the STD to others. ” I noway allowed
about STDs until I dated a man who had herpes. He was really honest and one of the nicest people I have ever met. That made me see that anyone who is had coitus could have an STD. You can not tell by how someone looks.” — Chris, age 45 STDs Can Keep A Woman From Ever Having Children STDs can infect a woman deep outside. They can damage a woman’s body so she can not have children. numerous women do not know they’ve an STD until it’s too late. ” Last time I got tested and set up out I had chlamydia. I was shocked– I had no idea anything was wrong. My croaker
told me if I hadn’t gotten treated, I might noway have been suitable to have children.” — Angelica, age 21 It’s Okay To stay To Have coitus

The surest way to help any STD is do not have coitus. There are numerous ways to show love besides coitus. Kissing, talking, and touching feel good and are safe. You can not spread an STD if there’s no contact between the penis, vagina, mouth, or anus. ” coitus isn’t commodity you just go out and do. I mean, for one thing, there is your passions– like how you feel about each other after coitus. I feel like, when I do it, I want it to be right.” — Aaron, age 17 still, Use Condoms If You Do Have coitus. Latex condoms help cover both people if you use them the right way every time. Use condoms for any kind of coitus– vaginal, oral, or anal. ” It was enough embarrassing the first time. Neither Jan or I knew the right way to use a condom. But we learned, and we made it delightful.” — Jamal, 19 still, Get Tested For STDs If You Have Had coitus. It’s important to get tested once a time, indeed if you feel fine. Go to a croaker
‘s office or clinic right down if you have any of these symptoms pain when you go to the restroom a strange fluid or drip from the penis or vagina bleeding between ages( women) To find out where you can get free treatment in your area, call the CDC National STD Hotline at1-800-227-8922. ” I had to tell Kim I had gonorrhea. It was one of the hardest effects I have ever done. But I did not want her to get meddled up from an STD.” — Michael, age 24 utmost STDs can be Treated If you have an STD Tell your mate they need to get tested too. Take all of your drug, indeed if you start to feel more. noway take another person’s drug or give someone yours. Do not have coitus until you and your mate are treated. ” I used to suppose there was no use trying to help HIV or anything. I allowed
,’ It can not be to me.’ Now I have grown up some, and I see it else. I’ve liabilities.” — Lui, 18

The Right Way to Use a Condom

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The manly Condom Keep condoms cool and dry. no way use skin poultices, baby oil painting, Vaseline or cold cream with condoms. The oil painting in these products will beget the condom to break. You may use products made with water( like K- Y jelly or glycerin). Put on a new condom before any kind of coitus. Hold the condom by the tip and squeeze out the air. Unroll the condom all the way over the hard penis. Have coitus. Hold the condom so it can not come off the penis. Pull out. The womanish Condom The womanish condom fits outside a woman’s vagina. It has a soft ring on each end. The external ring stays on the outside of the vagina and incompletely covers the labia( lips). The inner ring fits inside the vagina to hold the condom in place. Put the condom in any time before coitus. Add water- grounded lubricant to the inside of the condom. Squeeze the inner ring of the condom. Put the inner ring and poke
into the vagina. With your cutlet, push the inner ring as far into the vagina as it’ll go. Guide the penis into the condom. After coitus, remove the condom before standing up. Pull out gently.

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