Why Do I Need to Know About HIV Infection and AIDS?

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Unlike numerous conditions, HIV infection and AIDS are preventable. While it can be disturbing to suppose about AIDS and consider your threat, getting over- to- date information is the first step toward guarding yourself. An estimated 800,000 to1.2 million people in the United States are infected with the mortal Immunodeficiency Contagion( HIV). This contagion damages cells in the vulnerable( defense) system that fight off infections and conditions. As the contagion gradationally destroys these important cells, the vulnerable system becomes lower and lower suitable to cover against illness.

Generally, HIV lives in an infected person’s body for months or times before any signs of illness appear. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is the last stage of HIV infection. People with AIDS experience certain life- hanging infections and cancers which make them veritably sick and can ultimately kill them. How Is HIV Treated? presently there’s no way to get relieve of all the contagion once a person is infected. still, new drugs can decelerate the damage that HIV causes to the vulnerable system. Also, croakers
are getting better at treating the ails that are caused by HIV infection. numerous people now consider HIV infection a manageable, long- term illness. How Do People Come Infected? This contagion is spread through the blood, semen, and vaginal discharges of an HIV- infected person.

People can get HIV infection when they’ve contact with these fluids. This can be by engaging in specific sexual and/ or medicine use practices. Also, HIV- infected women can pass the contagion to their babe during gestation and parturition. Incipiently, some people who entered blood products before March 1985 got infected blood. Now all bestowed blood is being screened for HIV. numerous people don’t know they’ve this contagion and thus can intentionally pass it to others. This is because they generally look and feel fine for numerous times after HIV infection occurs.

coitus and HIV Both men and women, including teenagers, can pass HIV to a coitus mate, whether he or she’s the same coitus or the contrary coitus. This can do during vulnerable anal, vaginal, and oral( mouth) coitus through contact with infected semen, blood, or vaginal concealment. medicines, coitus, and HIV People can get infected with HIV through participating needles, cookers, or cottons( workshop) with someone who’s infected. This can be indeed when the person passing the workshop looks clean and healthy.

Some people stopped shooting and/ or sharing works numerous times ago and don’t realize that they may have come infected with HIV back when they were still shooting medicines. They also may not realize they can pass it through vulnerable coitus now. gestation and HIV Treatment during gestation can help an HIV- infected woman cover her baby from getting infected. Without treatment, further than a third of all babies born to HIV- infected women will have the contagion and ultimately get sick. What About Getting AIDS From Body Fluids Like Saliva? Although small quantities of HIV have been set up in body fluids like slaver, feces, urine, and gashes, there’s no substantiation that HIV can spread through these body fluids.

By now, HIV has been the subject of further exploration than utmost other conditions in history. Medical wisdom is confident about these introductory data You can not get HIV or AIDS from touching someone, participating particulars similar as mugs or pencils, or coughing or sneezing. HIV isn’t spread through routine contact in cuffs, workplaces, or seminaries. There has no way been any peril of getting infected with HIV from giving blood. The needles at blood collection spots in the United States are no way used doubly.

What Can I Do To Avoid Getting HIV Infection?

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Six Ways

To Reduce threat Hesitate from vaginal, anal, and oral coitus. numerous other effects feel good and are safe, because no blood, semen, or vaginal concealment get into the body. Safe conditioning include hugging, snuggling, masturbating, kissing, featuring, body- to- body rubbing, and massage. Use condoms. Unless you are 100 sure your sexual mate isn’t infected with HIV or other STDs, reduce your threat by using a latex condom( rubber) on the penis from launch to finish every time you have anal, vaginal, or oral coitus. The womanish condom can also help cover you. Learn to talk with your mate about condoms and safer coitus. Condoms can cover both of you from numerous STDs. still, use one that’s water- grounded, If you use a lubricant. Lubricants containing oil painting( similar as Vaseline ®) might beget latex condoms to break. still, use them along with condoms, not in place of condoms, If you use spermicidal( birth control) lathers and jellies. The effectiveness of spermicides in precluding HIV is unknown. still, seek help, If you shoot medicines. And no way partake needles. However, call the National Drug and Alcohol Hotline(1-800-662-4357) to learn how to clean workshop, If you do share workshop. Avoid mixing alcohol or other medicines with sexual conditioning– they might cloud your judgment and lead you to engage in unsafe sexual practices.


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